Reflecting the voices of women through research.

Your contribution will support evidence-based health service programming to improve the health of Syrian refugee girls and women.


Syrian refugee women need gender-tailored health services in order for them to thrive in host communities. Relative to its small population, Jordan has received a significant number of Syrian refugees. These refugees require integrated physical health, mental health, educational, legal and social services to facilitate their resettlement and eventual integration into their host countries. In addition, there is substantial need for comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services for Syrian refugee women. Gendered inequities of health such as early marriage, and gender-based violence further exacerbate the physical and mental health of Syrian refugee women. In close partnership with IRC and IFH, the bi-national Women ASPIRE team aimed to examine the gendered health and mental health concerns of Syrian refugee women living in urban settings in an effort to provide information to health agencies aiming to improve service delivery and programming of gendered health programming for Syrian refugee women in Jordan.


Women ASPIRE examines the gendered health and mental health concerns, and barriers to accessing healthcare among Syrian refugee women living outside of camps in Jordan. The study involved a cross-sectional survey distributed to 507 Syrian refugee women living in urban settings in Jordan. Data collection took place over 6 months in medical clinics at IRC and IFH throughout Jordan. Faculty at the University of Jordan School of Medicine, led by Dr. Maysa’ Khadra, oversaw all data collection efforts in Jordan.

Findings from this study will be used develop a pilot intervention to address the needs of Syrian refugee women.

Survey Topics:

    • Sociodemographic characteristics
    • Sexual and reproductive health
    • Gender based violence
    • Trauma
    • Perceived stigma
    • Social support
    • Quality of life
    • Displacement history
    • Access to services


Jordan: Amman, Zarqa, Mafraq, Irbid

Partners & Support

Partners: Columbia University Global Center | Amman, University of Jordan (UofJ), Institute of Family Health, International Rescue Committee

Support: Friends of ASPIRE, INCITE, President’s Global Innovation Fund (2016-2018)

Meet our Jordanian Research Partners & Staff

principal investigators

Nabila El-Bassel (CSSW), Neeraj Kaushal (CSSW), Maysa' Khadra (UofJ)