Connecting with Women ASPIRE

Our goal for the Women ASPIRE study is to conduct rigorous scientific research to understand the gendered physical and mental health concerns of Syrian refugee women living in Jordan. Find below some links from our in-country principal investigator - Dr. Maysa’ Khadra, faculty at the University of Jordan School of Medicine - and our Research Assistants for the study. This videos are from July 2017 after our team worked together to conduct a training for the medical students. We trained the students in study procedures, ethical conduct of research, interviewing technique, and the overall refugee and migration crisis as a result of the Syrian conflict. The students practiced giving the survey to each other on the tablets, and the group worked together to provide feedback on cultural adaptation of the survey. Thaddeus DeCaprio took video clips (below) of the students talking about why they are invested in working on Women ASPIRE. 

Dr. Maysa' Khadra discusses the importance of Women ASPIRE for Jordan.
Mohammad Maani, a University of Jordan medical student discusses why he joined the Women ASPIRE research team.
Zahraa Al-Tamimi, a 4th year medical student at the University of Jordan Medical School discusses why she works on Women ASPIRE.
Ruba Ghalayini, a medical student at University of Jordan Medical School discusses why it is important to invest in Syrian refugee women through Women ASPIRE.
Sultan Mahmoud, a medical student at the University of Jordan Medical School discusses his motivation for participating in Women ASPIRE.